Quality, Competitive Club Volleyball for Girls.

Central Penn VB Club

Uniform instructions:

The Coaches of Central Penn Volleyball Club strive to present our teams in a way that allows them to look professional but modest at the same time. Please follow the instructions below.


Player and Parent must agree to the following statement regarding the shirt:

I do agree, upon receiving a Central Penn Volleyball Club uniform, that I will properly take care of this uniform. I promise that I will not make any alterations, in any way to this uniform. I will not iron it. I promise to wash it in cold water and follow the instructions on the label. If I change the color by washing it incorrectly, or lose my jersey, I agree to pay the cost to replace it.


Black bottoms are required as part of our uniform. We do not provide these for you. Acceptable shorts are spandex or bike shorts, no shorter than a 3 inch inseam. Gym shorts are not acceptable. The shorts must be completely black, without any stripes on the side. They may have a small logo on the front, such as Nike or the Under Armor symbol.


Any sock is acceptable.

Hair accessories and jewelry rule:

* No jewelry on the court
* No hard hair accessories (clips, head bands with teeth)
* Small bobby pins and material head bands are acceptable